Be Wise – Choose Safe

When you’re expecting a baby, there will definitely be things that you won’t receive for your baby showers, or get as hand-me-downs from other parents whose kids have grown up, so no matter what, you’ll have to buy some things with your own funds. When buying things for your baby, there are certainly many things to consider – but your first priority should be safety.

A baby product is meant to be used by or for a baby, therefore, never forget that it is supposed to be safe at all times.

This is the first thing you should always think about before you buy a baby product online that catches your eye – and this warning also comes to products you know are safe, like strollers and toys for example. Since there are many different manufactures out there, you should always take time to consider how safe a product is for your baby before you shell out your cash to buy it.

In the case of baby toys, you should first look for the warning labels which indicate the minimum age required of the toy. There are many toys which are available only for three years old kids and above, so make sure to properly read these labels – toys that at first glance might seem appropriate for your baby might contain warning labels that say otherwise.

Besides this, in general, you should consider three main points:

  • The size of the toy – toys that are small are not appropriate for infants. Babies are prone to put any tiny object into their mouth, therefore any toy the size that can be swallowed is definitely off limits for babies. They can either be swallowed or even lodged in the windpipe of your child, which can prevent him or her from breathing.
  • The shape of the toy – if the toy has sharp edges, cords longer than seven centimetres, or even parts between which your child’s fingers can get caught, then you should refrain from buying such toys, because they can easily harm your baby.
  • How easily it breaks – going with the two above points is the question of how easily the toy would break. Generally, toys for babies should be near unbreakable, otherwise parts that would come off from the toy will definitely either be too small or of a shape that can easily harm your baby.

Similar advices can be given to just about any other product meant for a baby. For example, products like strollers, carriers, high chairs and the like should contain adequate restraining belts to keep your baby from falling or tipping off; cribs, gates and similar objects to restrict his or her movements should be high enough and should not be climbable – or you’ll risk your baby attempting to climb over them.