Setting Up Your Office In A Residential Apartment Vs. An Apartment With A Trade License

Dubai has a growing economy and a large population of foreign investors, so finding a suitable office space for a startup company is increasingly becoming a problem. A few solutions offered to deal with this problem are working in residential apartments, renting office space in buildings that are designed especially for this purpose and renting maintained offices. The most suitable option for you will depend on your business.


Working in residential apartments

This is probably not the best option for any business unless you don’t have to deal with clients or other businessmen who need to meet up with you on a regular basis. These apartments are licensed for mixed use so you are free to use them for commercial purposes or as your residence. They generally cost less.

This type of setting will generally reflect badly on your business. You have no control over the way your neighbours maintain themselves or the appearance of the building. These apartments don’t necessarily have ample parking space and easy access to your office, so even on their first visit clients may be inconvenienced. On their way to your apartment you can only hope that they don’t have to ride the elevator with your rowdy neighbour. Essentially, your clients or business partners will not get a good first impression of you.

Working in centers specially licensed for commercial purposes

The better option is setting up in a business center in Dubai. There are essentially two types. In the first type you will find empty or partially furnished offices which will have to be maintained by you. Hence apart from the rent you will have to pay for the furniture, a receptionist, an IT guy when your computer gives you trouble, a cleaner and so on and so forth. This kind of office space can be expensive to maintain and it will reduce the valuable time you have to focus on business strategies, because you have to waste time finding a reasonable IT guy who will fix the faulty server. All of this will add to your cost in terms of money and time. Another problem is that you cannot immediately start your company because you need to think about the furniture and find a proper maintenance crew.

The best solution to this problem is to setup in serviced offices JLT. These offices are maintained by the company that rents it to you. They have a maintenance crew to keep your offices spick and span and they also have a regular IT consultant, a receptionist and other staff required for the smooth operation of the business. These services may be offered in packages or as add up costs.

The best option for a startup company is to use a maintained office. They give you the freedom to start immediately and also allow you to have some control over the overhead charges.