Response for divorce petition

Respondent is the name given to the other spouse. There is an option to file a response to the divorce petition. This is actually not required. This indicates that there is agreement for the divorce from both the parties. In this type of cases usually there will not be any court hearing. Court hearing usually costs more and of course delays the process. If spouse wants to file the response then they should do it within 30 days of the petition. Otherwise court hearing becomes default. If there is any information in the petition that the other spouse doesn’t agree then also he or she can response with a disagreement.


Final steps:

In the final steps there will be disclosure of expenses, income, liabilities and assets by both the spouses. If both are ready to agree on the terms of the divorce or if it is uncontested then there just some paperwork needed. Divorce is final only when the court enters the judgment. Once this is done, it is understood that the marriage is dissolved formally. There will be certain waiting period within that period spouses cannot go for remarriage. At this stage if spouses have disputes then that requires court hearings. In some cases even demand for trials.

One cannot think clearly in the divorce situation. They can do many mistakes if there is no assistance by a proper lawyer. Without the help of a family attorney one can do mistakes in estimating assets. There is chance that either they overestimate or underestimate the assets. Client may forget to include the credit card debts. It is also important to include and mention the medical issues. Like this there will be plenty of facts that should be included in the divorce petition. Talk to the divorce lawyers Canberra for better understanding.