What are the features of applicant tracking software?

Today, different companies are using the most advanced technologies in order to track the applicants in their recruitment process. The best applicant tracking system is very helpful to all the recruiters to identify the activities of the applicants. The officials in the recruitment board can make use of the effective applicant tracking software singapore for your small business to track the applicants without the human resource manager. With the help of such tracking systems, one can able to easily bring the best candidates for the development of your company.

Necessary for the applicant tracking system:


The primary idea of the applicant tracking system or software is to give the database and location for the process of hiring and all recruitment efforts everything in one place. It helps managing the resumes and all other details from the applicants. Different software packages are using the different methods to obtain such information from the interviewees.

The major purposes of the applicant tracking software will be,

  • If the recruiter or human resources manager is interviewing the candidates, then the details of the applicants will be entered and notes made about the interview.
  • The data related to the applicants will be entered only through the resume boards.
  • The applicants who are all applying for the job will have an option to enter their information directly on the system.

Main features of applicant tracking software:

Whenever you are looking for the best applicant tracking software singapore for your small or medium scale business, you should need to consider the following main features on the system. The applicant tracking system could be installed on your desktop or laptop computer. At the same time, now days there are several types of mobile apps available for this purpose of handling the applicants during the interview process.

The main features include,

  • It has to automatically collect resumes and cover letters from the applications
  • Automatic notes while conducting an interview
  • Give feedback to each and every applicant about their performance
  • Automatic shortlist of the suitable candidates based on their intelligence and performance in the organization
  • Ranking top candidates based on the workforce needs
  • Give perfect source of right employees suitable for the particular company

When the employers need such applicant tracking system in order to automatically manage the various processes of interviews, you just download the best one like roubler software online.